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Quality Assurance & Quality Control (QA/QC) Services

Petrochem Network provides a range of services through the following divisions to the oil and gas industry. Details of some of these can be found below:

Quality Assurance/Quality Control for Well Operations (Drilling & Well Completion Equipment)
  • Process Assurance Systems
  • Audit of Inspection Companies, Machine Shops, Rental Companies and Manufacturers
  • Monitoring Inspection Operations
  • Equipment Pre-Qualification Checks, prior to load-out (Drillpipe, Casing, Tubing, Handling Equipment & Specialized Equipment)
  • Fitness for Purpose Equipment Verifications.

Engineering (Drilling and Well Completion Equipment)
  • Drill String Design Review
  • Buckling and Stress Analysis
  • Drill Pipe Fatigue Analysis
  • Drillstring Failure Analysis & Investigation
  • Stuckpipe Analysis & Investigation
  • Casing Wear Analysis & Modeling
  • Inspection Frequency Programmers
  • Writing and development of specific inspection and manufacturing specifications
  • Technical procurement of drilling equipment & tubular

 Drilling Tubular Lease Management

Petrochem Network (PCN) has in its organization experience of the design, manufacture, inspection and repair of drill string members. PCN dedication to providing quality service using the best equipment available, skilled workforce to operate it and innovative management thinking enables us now to offer the end user a solution to one of their most difficult problems:


End user’s engineering, purchasing, and financial & materials personnel constantly contend with:
Operator specifications for drill string members designed to meet well programs, in which severe drilling conditions are increasingly encountered.
Vendor capability, delivery times and prices.
Assurance of strict quality controls during manufacture of the product necessitating use of qualified independent third party inspection services to review manufacture procedures, testing and classification of the final documentary data package.
Shortages and unjustifiable price hikes in times of high demand
Inspection criteria to which the pipe must conform – DS-1 Category 5, Shell Squair, Chevron DESQ-1 and similar severe service standards.
High costs associated with Severe Service inspections and limited availability of companies suitably qualified and equipped to perform the inspection.
Sourcing replacement pipe in event of loss or major damage.
Inventory control, storage and maintenance while in storage
Historical data control required to justify contractual “Lost in Hole” replacement costs.

PCN has developed a Lease Option Program which together with our Tubular Service Program now enables us to make available to the industry a total DRILLING TUBULAR MANAGEMENT SERVICE. The PCN Lease Purchase Program module of its Tubular Management Service package provides substantive savings and simplification in the management of your rigs drill strings.

Rental Equipment

• 'Value Added' engineering support provided by Applications Engineering team.

• Understand well conditions, drilling requirements, quality issues and add value to customers’ operations by the correct application and implementation of equipment.

• Optimization of Drill String Design – Based on proposed well trajectories and anticipated drilling parameters a suite of software models evaluate torque & drag and hydraulics in order to optimise the drill string design for each well.
A comparison of various tubular sizes for different hole sections can be performed to determine the optimal drill string configuration.

• Connection Analysis – Allows the analysis of tool joints and BHA connections including proprietary and non-standard sizes. Evaluate stresses on connections when operating outside the recommended make-up torque ranges and using non-standard dopes in order to identify potential risk areas.

• Landing String evaluation for deepwater applications giving consideration to the reduction in tensile capacity of the string due to the effects of slip crushing.

Consultancy & Specialist Personnel

Where required, we can offer personnel and systems to operate facilities or sub-system on behalf of our clients. Contact us for further information.



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Maersk Drilling’s fleet includes some of the world's most advanced harsh environment jack-up rigs, 375 and 350 ft jack-ups rigs, deepwater semi-submersibles, drilling barges and workover barges.

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